Privacy Policy

Basic Policy

Idex Auto Japan Co., Ltd. considers that it is our fundamental stance and social responsibility engaging in business to safeguard personal data by abiding by the law concerning the protection of personal information -Personal Information Protection Law- and other pertaining laws and guidelines.

We provide employees with thorough training and education on handling personal data to ensure safe management of personal data. If there is a complaint about our handling of customer's data, we respond to the complaint promptly and do not hesitate to review suitably and improve the way we handle customers' personal data and safety administration.

(1) Acquisition of personal information

Idex Auto Japan co., Ltd will collect customers' personal information by legal and fair means to the extent necessary for carrying out our business after taking due measures for safety management.

(2) Utilization of personal information

Idex Auto Japan Co., Ltd. uses personal information to the extent necessary to conduct the following business, and will never use the information for other purposes.

  1. Sale of petroleum
  2. Sale of coal, wood fuel, petrified products and natural gas.
  3. Sale of car equipment, fitting equipment and customer service.
  4. Offering products and customer services on car maintenance and repair.
  5. Sale of auto-lease, sales and purchasing transactions of new and secondhand cars.
  6. Lease contracts, import and export, and safekeeping of cars and motorcycles (including accessories and parts) and moveable property.
  7. Consignment sales of nonlife insurance and life insurance.
  8. Sale of house appliances including modules of photovoltaic generation and installation service.
  9. Sale of goods and services for merchandise distribution business.
  10. Maintenance and management of contracts and response to inquiries after contracts.
  11. Announcement, provision and maintenance of various products and services by our corporation, Idex group companies, affiliated companies and partner companies.
    (Including the sending of advertising and printed matters, and the sending of business guides, requesting questionnaires, and various marketing campaigns through telephones and such.)
  12. In addition, all incidental duties to accompany as above.

*Affiliated companies ・・・each franchisee of rent-a-car business (hereinafter referred to as "rent-a-car FC")
*Partner companies ・・・each agent of rent-a-car business

Alterations to the purpose of use mentioned above are only made to the extent to which considerable relevancy is acknowledged rationally. In the case of modification, notify the contents to the person himself/herself and publish it on our homepage (URL).

The purpose of use of insurance companies that commissioned soliciting insurance to Idex Auto Japan Co., Ltd is published on the homepages of each insurance company.

Fourteen Life Insurance Companies

  • Tokio Marine and Nichido Life Insurance Co., Ltd.
  • Orix Life Insurance Corporation
  • Mitsui Sumitomo Aioi Life Insurance Co., Ltd.
  • Sompo Japan Nipponkoa Himawari Life Insurance, Inc.
  • Aflac (American Family Life Assurance Company of Columbus)
  • Sony Life Insurance Co., Ltd.
  • Met Life Inc.
  • AXA Direct Life Insurance Co., Ltd.
  • ING Life Insurance Co., Ltd.
  • AXA Life Insurance Co., Ltd.
  • AIG Fuji Life Insurance Co., Ltd.
  • Airio Life Insurance Co., Ltd.

Eight Non-Life Insurance Companies

  • Tokio Marine and Nichido Fire Insurance Co., Ltd.
  • Aioi Nissay Dowa Insurance Co., Ltd.
  • Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance Co., Ltd.
  • Nippon Koa Insurance Co., Ltd.
  • The Kyoei Fire and Marine Insurance Co., Ltd.
  • Nissin Fire and Marine Insurance Co., Ltd.
  • Sompo Japan Nipponkoa Insurance Inc.
  • AIU Insurance Company Ltd.

*Handling of sensitive information (Information that should be treated with extreme care.)

We do not use customers' sensitive information such as health conditions and medical records beyond the scope necessary in the course of business without obtaining customers' prior consent. This is stipulated in "Enforcement regulations of the Insurance Business Law" and "The Guidelines on Personal Information Protection in the Financial Sector".
Idex Auto Japan Co., Ltd. does not obtain, utilize and provide customers' personal information to a third party except the purpose of use as mentioned above.

(3) Range of use on customers' personal information

Idex Auto Japan Co., Ltd. shoulders management responsibilities on registered personal information. The following Idex group companies and Shin-Idemitsu agents may use customers' personal information for shipment of products, and to send promotional and service advertisements.

Idex Group Companies

Confirm Idex group companies at the following URLs.
Idex Group URLs.

*Sharing customers' personal information.

Each rent-a-car FC and Mercedes-Benz Japan Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Mercedes Japan") with regards to selling Mercedes-Benz cars use personal information jointly in order to offer better service. However, personal information collected by Idex group is shared with FCs and Mercedes Japan only when necessary for said business.(except (5) below)

*Confirm Privacy Policy of rent-a-car FCs' and Mercedes Japan's on each company's homepage.
Mercedes Japan Home Page

(4) Safety management of personal information

Idex Auto Japan Co., Ltd. adopts effective measures to safeguard necessary personal information from leakage, loss, and damage and ensure personal information to be accurate and up to date by providing handling regulations of personal information and implementing the system. Should a problem occur, immediate countermeasures will be employed.

(5) Providing personal information to third parties

Idex Auto Japan Co., Ltd does not provide personal information to third parties except in the following situations.

  1. When based on laws and regulations.
  2. When necessary to protect human life, physical safety or property, and obtaining customer's consent is difficult.
  3. When necessary for improving public health or promoting the healthy upbringing of children and obtaining customer's consent is difficult.
  4. When necessary to cooperate with a government organization, local public body or party commissioned by such an organization or agency for the execution of legally prescribed matters, and obtaining the customer's consent would hinder or risk impeding said implementation of issues.

(6) Consignment of personal information

Customer's personal information may be commissioned for data processing. In this case, we contract with a third party and conduct supervision to ensure safety management of personal information.

(7) Disclosure, correction and suspension on use of personal information

Disclosure of personal information

Customers may request to disclose any personal information we possess. When customer requests to disclose his/her personal information, we respond to the request correctly based on laws, without delay.

Correction, addition and deletion of personal information.

Customers may request to correct, add or erase any details of personal information in the case that the details are false. Our company will promptly respond to customer's request to alter, add or delete his/her personal information within the scope necessary, for the achievement of the purpose of utilization based on laws.

Discontinuance of personal information

If customer requests to suspend, erase or to stop providing his/her personal information to a third party, we will carry out a necessary investigation into his/her personal information. We respond to the request based on laws without delay if the request is well-founded, based on results of the investigation.

  • When customer's personal information is used in a manner that exceeds the scope of the purpose of use publicly announced in advance.
  • When customer's personal information is acquired through deception or any other wrongful means.
  • When the data we possess violates (5) above.

If a customer requests to disclose, correct, or suspend his/her personal information, we will send him/her an application form. Please send back the confirmation document. We may ask for handling fee. Please understand that we may take these measures, in advance.

(8) Inquiries on personal information. Please ask at the following Inquiry and Information Counter.

Reception Hours: Weekdays 9:00〜17:00 (except Saturdays, Sundays, National holidays, and New Year's holiday)

(9) Our online website may use "Cookies", in order to collect marketing data.

"Cookies" are text files stored on your computer hard disk drive by a web server.
Although "Cookies" are text files that are stored on your computer hard disk, it is also possible to set your browser to invalidate this option.
In the case that you do invalidate all "Cookies", a part of our services may not be available. In addition, personal information will not be included in "Cookies" or access history.

Also, our company may store Cookie information and refer them to a third party based on the trust, as we consign distribution of advertisement.

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For privacy policy of each rent-a-car FC and Mercedes Japan, contact each company.

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