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Car type / Fee : Kei-cars (Light automobile 660cc)

Minimum price: ¥ 4,950
Number of passengers: For 4 passengers
Recommended for: Recommended for city cruising, one-day trips, and short use.

Since Kei-cars have small bodies you can drive safely in narrow corridors, and park easily.
Recommended for people who don't drive so often.
It's perfect for driving around the city or short use such as shopping.

※For peak season pricing in certain regions, please go to "Check the details of the vehicle".

JSKN class

Passengers 4 passengers
Example of the car type: Move, Wagon R, Stella, MR Wagon, etc.

They are easy to navigate even in narrow corridors.
Chances are it would be hard to park a vehicle that you've never driven before, but not the case for Kei-cars.
They are perfect vehicles for ladies.

Check the details of the vehicle
Price Up to 6 hours Up to 12 hours Up to 24 hours Extend for one day Extend for one hour
Online booking ¥ 4,950 ¥ 5,500 ¥ 6,600 ¥ 5,500 ¥ 1,100

Car type and price of Kei-cars (Light automobile 660cc)