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Car type / Fee : JC : Standard cars

JC class

Minimum price: ¥ 8,800
Number of passengers: For 5 passengers
Recommended for: Recommended for long drives, golfing, and business use
  • Suitcase (large) × 1
  • Suitcase (small) × 2
  • Travel bag × 3

Most of the vehicles in this class are sedans, so they are also recommended for business use.
They provide a stress-free driving experience on normal roads.
It's large body brings stability and a comfortable experience even when driving on highways.

*No-smoking vehicles are unavailable in remote islands.
*Vehicles equipped with navigation systems and ETC transponders are unavailable in remote islands.
*The picture is a sample.The color and the type may differ from the actual vehicle.

Price list

Vehicles may not be available at the time or the store you visit. Check for available cars in the store beforehand.

Price Up to 6 hours Up to 12 hours Up to 24 hours Extend for one day Extend for one hour
Online booking ¥ 8,800 ¥ 9,900 ¥ 11,000 ¥ 9,350 ¥ 1,650

Car type and price of JSS